Alassio is one of the most elegant resort on the Riviera Ligure.

Its fine and soft sand beach extends for about 4 km. and descends gently into the sea with a very slight slope.

We have agreements with different private beaches. Ask for more information.

Our sea is a source of unforgettable experiences

Alassio is located in an area known as the "Cetaceans Sanctuary".
From May to October you could take part to the Whale Watching activity, boat excursions for the sighting of dolphins, fin whales and sperm whales.

At the “Luca Ferrari harbour" it is possible to rent boats, take sailing courses or book wonderful boat excursions around the Gallinara Isle where expert guides will teach you diving or snorkeling, exploring our fascinating seabed.

The Gallinara Isle, whose name probably comes from the wild hens that lived there in ancient times, has a religious and monastic past.

Around the middle of 300, St. Martin from Tours went here and during the High Middle Ages the isle hosted the seat of a Benedictine Monastery.

Today the monastery doesn’t exist anymore and the Isle, that is under the municipality of Albenga, is partially private.

For all tastes, Alassio also offers the Wave Walking, a form of athletic thalassotherapy, available all the year round, healthy for our cardiocirculatory system and for the muscular tonicity.