Valle Arroscia

Starting from Ortovero, through Pogli and Ranzo, you will discover typical villages on the Arroscia river.
Here the land is generous: roses, peaches, vegetables, the fine Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil and very good local wines such as Pigato and Ormeasco.
Don’t miss the tasting experiences of the local farms.

Val Lerrone

Villanova d’Albenga: old and fortified village with remains of ancient walls, the ten towers and gates.
Garlenda and its Castello della Meridiana, is a reference point for golf passionates (Garlenda Golf Club).
Its Fiat 500 Club Italia hosts every year the Fiat 500 international Meeting.

Val Neva

Along the ancient Via del Sale:
Cisano sul Neva, Zuccarello, Castelvecchio di Roccabarbena, ancient villages with castles and towers that boast a fascinating past.

Val Pennavaire

Woods and clear rivers.
Nasino and the ruins of its castle.
Castelbianco with its hamlets, one of which is Colletta: the most characteristic one because of the excellent works of architectural restoration.